Risen Christ Church, Air Itam, Penang

On 26/8/68, Bishop Gregory Yong purchased a wooden bungalow at 60A, Jalan Ayer Itam. It was renovated into a chapel, and blessed by Bishop Gregory Yong in Dec, 68. Fr. T. Tavennec took up residence in the kitchen. Thus the parish of the Risen Christ was born.

On Easter Sunday 1978, the new Church of the Risen Christ was blessed by Bishop Soter Fernandez. This new building was a Church cum Parish house. From the begining, the new church desperately need rooms for Sunday Catechism Classes, meetings & parking. Thus the Sunday Catechism Classes were held in the Shang Wu Primary School down the road. Hard pressed for rooms emerged the vision for expension. Two lots of land behind the church were purchased on 11/2/88 and 11/11/88 This gives the church asses to Jalan Matang Kuching. And on 17/1/03 the Bungalow adjacent the church was purchased. With the additional 3 lots of land, the renovation and bulding was launched.

First to be build was the Activity Centre: a 3 story building of a hall & 14 rooms for Sunday Cathechism classes & meetings. This was completed in Dec 2008. And start to function in Jan 2009. Second, the renovation of the Bungalow to be the Parish House & Office. This was completed in 2009. In August 2009, the Parish house & office were moved into the renovated bungalow. On 27/9/09 we vacated the church to hand it over to the contractor for renovation. As from 3/10/09 the Weekday & Sunday services are in the Hall of the Activity Centre. In the meanwhile, the grotto of O.L. of Lourdes, facing the Parish house was completed on 4/5/10. The 'Soft Opening" is on 11/5/10


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