History - Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh

Tambun Road Days..


The early seed of the foundation of the Redemptorists in Ipoh was sown by Rev. Fr. James Wallace CSsR and Rev. Fr. Tom Creede CSsR when they gave a mission in St.Michael’s Church in 1959. In early 1960, that seed began to grow when a gallant team of Missioners, Priests and Brothers arrived to start the foundation at 31, Tambun Road, Ipoh. In June that year, the Bishop of Penang gave formal recognition to the establishment of the Redemptorist Community in Ipoh.

The little chapel at Tambun Road began to build up as a Mass centre and also as a centre for the Novena devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Many Novena sessions were held on Saturdays to cater for the increasing number of Catholics from St.Michael’s Parish and Our Lady of Lourdes’ Parish and the non-Catholics that were congregating for these sessions.

Furthermore the chapel was small and could not accommodate that many at one session. It became so popular that on the Feast day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, the celebrations were so grand.

With the expansion of the housing estate in Canning and Ipoh Garden, there was mounting pressure from the Diocese of Penang, for the Redemptorists to take a parish in the area.

In 1966, an agreement was made with the Bishop of Penang, for the Redemptorists to manage the parish permanently with the provision that the contract can be terminated.

A Building Fund Committee was formed which raised funds by various means to see that the Church of Our Mother of Perpetual Help become a reality.



The Birth of a New Parish in Ipoh

It was on the fifteenth of April, 1972 when the Archbishop of Singapore, Rt.Rev. Gregory Yong, then Bishop of Penang, blessed and open our Church named after Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh Garden.  

Rev. Fr. James Wallace CSsR was the first Parish priest with Rev. Fr. John G.Martin CSsR as the Assistant assigned to help the Tamil-speaking Catholics and Rev. Fr. Campos CSsR came regularly from Singapore to help with the Chinese-speaking Catholics.

In 1973, Rev. Fr. Ken Williams CSsR was appointed Assisting priest in the parish. Rev. Fr. Wallace and Rev. Fr. Williams then set about organizing the new parish by carrying out intensive parish visitation and setting up of the essential machinery for the efficient running of the Parish.

The new organizational structure included:-

1) Central Pastoral Parish Council

2) Welfare Service: Parish Aid Committee

3) Family Planning Group

4) Community Prayer Group

5) Home-Gatherings (division of parish into zones)

6) Fund Raising Group

7) Adult & Youth Catechetics

8) Liturgical Committee

9) Redemptorist Youth group